Assuli is part of a company group founded in 1948 by Cav. Lav. Giacomo Caruso, a successful Sicilian entrepreneur and a point of reference for the development of the local economy.

The family businesses first developed throughout Italy and then all over the world but the Caruso family has maintained its roots, beginning to expand its lands, already owned for over a century, in the 2000s. Thanks to the maintenance of the traditional canons of processing indigenous grapes, Assuli has obtained excellent organic wines celebrated by numerous awards all over the world.

The recent construction of Baglio Assuli, a modern winery that combines tradition and innovation in a magical place where the horizon unites countryside, sky and sea, has allowed the history of the Caruso family to continue. Combining the commercial forces of a large international group with the prestige and uniqueness of a local product of excellence, today the grandchildren Roberto, Nicoletta and Michele lead the company towards new goals, transferring an ancient knowledge into the bottle creating a wine of absolute genuineness and unmistakable character.



Assuli fully believes in the identity of the territory of origin, through the enhancement of the production of Sicilian wines to safeguard the aromatic heritage that makes this island unique. The native grape varieties develop an intimate relationship with the territory, adapting to it and feeding on its peculiarities.

Tradition is combined with modern winemaking techniques that enhance the expressive power of grapes, in order to obtain very high quality wines, remaining faithful to the methods of excellence of winemaking.

Assuli produces organic wines of great body and personality, in contrast to the global standardization of taste. Combining all the scents and contrasts of Sicily with a complete aromatic research, Assuli is allowing an ever wider public to know, find and appreciate the wines of Sicily.



To honor the history of the family, the winery is entirely made of Perlato Sicilia Cofano marble, material of which Cav. Lav. Giacomo Caruso first sensed the potential and that represents the beginning of the prosperous history of the group companies.



Located between Mazara del Vallo and Trapani, at an altitude between 100 and 250 meters above sea level with a mild and breezy Mediterranean climate, the Assuli vineyards count about 130 hectares, with a particular vocation for native grape varieties like Nero d’Avola, Zibibbo, Insolia, Lucido, Grillo, Perricone, but also perfect for international ones like the well-known Syrah.

40 hectares are in Carcitella (Mazara del Vallo), 120/150 meters above sea level, on flat ground with total sun exposure. The soil is of medium texture, tending to clayey with outcropping skeleton. Two artificial lakes guarantee the water supply. The cultivated vines are: Nero d’Avola, Perricone, Insolia, Grillo, Zibibbo.

17 hectares are in Besi (Castelvetrano), 200/250 meters above sea level. The sun exposure is total. The soil is of medium texture, with deep skeleton; also here the presence of an artificial lake ensures the water supply. In this plot are cultivated: Nero d’Avola, Perricone, Lucido.

56 hectares are in Fontanabianca (Salemi), 150/250 m above sea level, with many flat areas and some others slightly steep. In the flat plots, the sun exposure is total while in the hilly ones, the exposure is slightly south. The soil is of medium texture, with a lot of clayey presence and abundant skeleton. A large artificial lake is present. The vines: Syrah, Grillo, Lucido.

The last 18 hectares are in Bosco Scorace, in an extraordinary position and at the unusual altitude for our area of 600 meters above sea level. This recently acquired land will be prepared to accommodate a top selection of Assuli Nero d’Avola, Perricone and Grillo.